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Sunday, 28 July 2013

The advantages and disadvantage of Facebook

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The advantages and Disadvantage of Facebook

Everything which we have in the world has two sides; good aspect and bad one. It is also definitely true for the phenomenon of facebook. There are a large number of people who have facebook account. If we see closely, facebook also has some pros and cons.
Certainly, facebook has many advantages. The easiness of communication is what most people agree. We have had old friends and we are being separated by time and distance.
Facebook is a great way to reconnect us again. We have a family who lives far away. Again, Facebook can helps us to stay connected. We can send news and share pictures with them of recent family activities. This easy communication makes us get together though we are not.
Another advantage of facebook is for bussiness purpose. Some companies use facebook to promote their products and services. They will make Facebook page and write about their product and services and will be easily connected to millions of people in the world. Facebook is a great outlet for companies which needs to find new clients and keep contact with them easily. This is actually the biggest selling point to facebook.
Besides the advantages, facebook has also disadvantages. Facebook is sometime scaring and annoying. It is about a "virtual" friend. Facebook makes such friend connection exist, though may not in fact. Fake Identity is another disadvantage. Who can guarantee that your friends in facebook have used the real identity?
Facebook newsfeed can also become annoying. There are a lot of people who just want to talk everything which sometimes makes no sense for us. Spamming is another problem with facebook. We often receive invitations to games or things which we don't like but we feel to be forced to like them too.
According to me, facebook is not as an entirely bad thing or a completely good thing. Facebook is absolutely about how we can use it wisely and safely.



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