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Monday, 25 March 2013

macam macam kebudayaan lombok dalam bahasa inggris

Terimakasih Atas Kunjungannya :-)
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NAMA : Ratna Asmi Rahayu
NO : 29


PERISEAN culture we often find lombok, lombok has a diversity of cultures and traditions that are still alive element among these prisian  community .Tradisi often we watch, and also as a forum for the public spectacle lombok.orang which usually contribute prisian race is similar to the adults who have ...

Tradition Topat Ala Sasak
Sasak tribal know whether you on this one. This is called the war Topat, usually often do during Eid Eid seminggunsetelah
Topat War is throwing a diamond among the participants on the page is a very  Kemaliq consecrated or sacred by some tribe ...

smell Nyale - Sasak tribe
Did you know that tradition is often do by the island of Lombok, this is often referred to as the tradition of Bau Nyale. The mean Nyale in small animals, which later caught by the public and can be consumed. reputedly

- Community Lombok
Art sasak area commonly known as Beleq drum. art is usually where  by many people with Rhythm certain. Usually, art is often at play in the marriage ceremony is often called by the name Nyondol. Tools yahg tool used to play this art form can drum, ...


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