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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dongeng Laila dalam Bahasa inggris

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                One upon a time, lived a beautiful girl named LAILA. She lived with her mother in a small day LAILA,s mother asked to Laila to bring some foods for her grandmother at the other side of the forest. When Laila was walking and singing, suddenly the wolf came and
The wolf     : “Who are you?”
Laila           : “I’m Laila”
The Wolf    : “What do you bring in your basket, Laila?”
Laila           : “I bring some foods for my grandmother, and sorry I’m late to the grandmother”s   house.”
                   After that Laila continued wolking to the grandmother’s house, and then the wolf ran to the Laila’s grandmother house.
                   The wolf arrived in Laila’s grandmother and the wolf knocked thye door and
The Wolf    : “Grandma, this is Laila.”
Grandma    : “Come in, the door is unlock!”
                   The wolf entered to the grandmother’s room, then the wolf swallowed Laila’s grandmother. After that, Laila arrived in the granmother’s house, she knocked the door. And…
Laila           : “Granma, this is Laila.”
The Wolf    : “Come in the door is unlock, Laila!”
                   And Laila entered to the grandmother’s room . she was surprised and she aksed to the grandmother.
Laila           : “Grandma, why do you have a big nose?”
The Wolf    : “ To smell your beautiful scent”
Laila           : “Why doo you have a big ears, Grandmother?”
The wolf     : “To hear you beautiful voice, Laila.”
Laila           : “And…. Granma, why do you have a sharp teeth?
The wolf     : “To eat you, Laila”
                   Laila felt very afraid and she ran away to the forest, and the wolf chased Laila. In the forest Laila met a hunter and she told what happened with her. Sometimes latter, the wolf came and the hunter killed the wolf and cut the wolf’s stomach and got out Laila’s grandmother.


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