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Friday, 15 February 2013

Soal : Fisika Momentum & impuls Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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The Question of Momentum and Impuls
1.       An object of 1 kg in mass at rest, then it is hit by a force F so that it moves at velocity of 8 m/s. if the hitter touches the body for 0.02 second, determine the change of momentum of the body….
a.       9 kg m/s
b.      8 kg m/s
c.       10 kg m/s
d.      12 kg m/s
e.      14 kg m/s
2.       A bus of 2000 kg in mass moves at a velocity of 72 km/hour. Calculate the magnitude of momentum of the bus…
a.       30,000 kg m/s
b.      35,000 kg m/s
c.       40,000 kg m/s
d.      45,000 kg m/s
e.      50,000 kg m/s
3.       A car of 700 kg in mass moves at velocity of 36 km/hour, then it crashes a tree and stop after 0.4 second. Calculate the average force acting upon the car during collision….
a.       17,000 N
b.      -17,000 N
c.       17,500 N
d.      -17,500 N
e.      18,000 N
4.       A body with a mass of 1 kg moves to positive x axis at a velocity of 2 m/s. another body with a mass of 2 kg moves at velocity of 2 m/s in opposite direction. After colliding, both move together. Determine the velocity….
a.       0.65 m/s
b.      -0.65 m/s
c.       0.67 m/s
d.      –0.67 m/s
e.      0.06 m/s
5.       An object A with a mass of 5 kg moves at a velocity of 10 m/s. another object B with a mass of 10 kg moves at a velocity of 15 m/s behind A. after some time B collides with A, so that the velocity of A after collision becomes 12 m/s. calculate the velocity of B after collision….
a.       13 m/s
b.      -13 m/s
c.       14 m/s
d.      -14 m/s
e.      15 m/s

6.       A ball is thrown horizontally with mass m and velocity v. The ball is reflected by   the wall with the same velocity. Please measure the impulse of the wall  to the ball….
a.       -2 mv
b.      2mv
c.       0
d.      3mv
e.      4mv

Anggota Kelompok :
·         Bastian Gema R ( 29)
·         Nurhikmah W (30)
·         Praditya A W (31)
·         Raras Puspitasari (32)
·         Putri Dian F (33)
·         Regita Damayanti S (34)


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